October 2023

Mobile Banking 

  • Enhanced the transactions filter to additionally let users filter transactions by amount, category, and merchant.
  • There's a new insights card that adds to the mobile app's dashboard. This card lets the user swipe through their five most recent insights. The card also has a View all insights call-to-action that sends users to the full Insights feed.


Financial Insights

For the Weekend Spending Summary V2 insight, we enhanced the styling and updated what categories are considered non-essential. Additionally, the insight now shows examples of non-essential categories and how the transaction totals within the insight are calculated.




Added over 600 OAuth institutions for Jack Henry.

Connect Widget

Enhanced the Connections widget to include a “Close” button. This replaces the multiple back buttons that were previously displayed in the widget.  


Added several new testing scenarios including successful verification, failed verification that cannot be retried, and failed verifications that can be retried. 


Data Access

We’ve added a new section called API Overview. This simplifies the onboarding process for intermediaries by providing:

  • Attributes by use case: Displays a breakdown of which fields a data provider supports in each FDX use case. 
  • Test users: If you are a financial institution, add test user credentials that the intermediary can use to run consent flows. 
  • Example responses: Displays static responses that represent data returned by a financial institution for each endpoint. 


Customer Analytics

We’ve added two new reports for all Customer Analytics clients:

Money Movement

Track the inflow of funds into an institution, where those funds land in customer accounts, and then flow out to other institutions and merchants

Checking Attrition

Review the annual attrition rate for checking products for a financial institution.  View the number of customers with checking products and identifies those customers who have closed or abandoned their checking accounts over the last year.


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