August 2023

 All Products MX will replace the font Proxima Nova with the font Inter as licensing costs and administrative issues associated with Proxima Nova have become prohibitively burdensome. Inter is a similar style font to Proxima Nova, so the visual change will be subtle. We expect most end-users won't notice.This change will impact all products with MX-owned user interfaces.              Personal Finance Management (formerly MoneyMap)               Financial Insights       Mobile Banking       Connect        MX Intelligence       Client Dashboard Inter will become the new default option for UI's that are themeable (Personal Finance Management, Financial Insights, Mobile Banking). If clients wish to use an alternative to Inter, they can do so by securing the proper licensing.This change carries with it some key benefits:        High legibility: Inter is designed with legibility in mind, making it highly readable across different sizes and resolutions. It offers excellent spacing and proportions, ensuring the text remains clear and accessible to users. While Proxima Nova is also legible, Inter's focus on readability makes it a strong choice for user interfaces. Optimized for screen use: Inter is optimized for on-screen display, which is particularly important for digital products. It has been carefully crafted to maintain clarity and consistency on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile screens. This ensures a smooth and visually pleasing experience for users. Wide range of weights and styles: Inter offers a broad range of weights and styles, allowing for greater typographic versatility. It includes nine weights with corresponding italics, making it suitable for various design purposes. Regular updates and improvements: Inter is actively maintained and updated by its creators, ensuring ongoing enhancements and bug fixes. This commitment to development helps to address any issues and refine the font over time. Mobile Slow Internet CopyThe following copy has been updated to no longer assume the user has slow or no internet:No internet now displays as Failed connection Slow internet now displays as Attempting connection Connect WidgetWe’ve improved our institution search functionality in the Connect Widget to load and return search results faster. Our recent updates have increased the accuracy and speed of our search results therefore clients that enable their end user’s to search for an institution can now expect a faster conversion from institution search to institution select. Additionally, search results can now display up to 25 institutions at a time and are paginated which allows end users to load an additional 25 institutions if necessary.