What counts as a session for MXaccess?

  • 29 October 2022
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For MXaccess does a session count each time a person uses a token or is it session per day? For example, if a person logs in 5 times a day, does that mean it is 5 sessions? 


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Hi Erika!


A session is created when an access token is refreshed for use - and that is effectively a user “sign on”

If MX connects a single with the provided token once per day, that is one session per day.

If an MX client runs a balance check mid-day, and then a background aggregation at night, that would be 2 sessions.

The tokens have an expiration time that is configured in MXaccess, and has a limit that is no longer than 10 minutes.

So if MX decided to check balances once per hour, that would be 24 sessions per day, because the token would expire after balance check that is done.

It is worth noting that a session can be used for aggregation, identification, or verification - it’s not limited to a single request type.


Hope this helps!